How to use the Phuket Travel Pass 

The Phuket travel pass will allow you to visit multiple popular tourist attractions in Phuket for free. Available for 1, 2, 3 and 6 days. Easy to use and valuable. Once you purchase the card via our online website, you will get a digital version of the pass through your email, or a physical version of the pass (where we recommend to get the digital version), delivered to you. The pass can be shown at different attractions, restaurants or stores. The QR code on the pass will be scanned which will complete your free entry, discount or special offers. Once finished, you can now enjoy your travelling.

Simplified Steps:

  1. Select the preferred day passes (1/2/3/6 days).

  2. Fill in your identification details and all the required information.

  3. Purchase your pass

  4. Check your email for the digital delivery of the pass or get it delivered to your address.

  5. Visit the attraction, restaurant or store and show them the pass.

  6. Allow them to scan the QR passcode.

  7. Free entry or discount complete!

Choose your Phuket Travel Pass and get it delivered online or mail to your address


Show your Phuket Travel Pass at any of our top attractions for free entry


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