PHUKET TRAVEL PASS® allows you to enter the best attractions. In Phuket for over 40 free places, plus discounts and other benefits

If you choose to receive PHUKET TRAVEL PASS® card, you can receive a free guide that helps you save valuable time by helping you plan the day. In advance and because using the PHUKET TRAVEL PASS® card, you do not need to carry cash with or worry. About currency exchanges and entertainment venues throughout the city You can start using your card as soon as you arrive in Phuket.

** Children can not visit the attractions by themselves. When visiting tourist attractions, children must be accompanied by adults only **

Is easy

Since you start using the card and the longer you use it
You will be able to save time and money.
More That's why
Our Phuket Travel Pass 6 days
Is very popular

As a discount

Phuket Travel Pass can also be used as
Discounts on restaurants, cafes, spas,
Thai boxing school, school
Cooking and other travel activities

save money

You can choose over 40 attractions.
A place to visit tourist attractions in Phuket
It's free, which means you don't need it.
Must buy tickets to top tourist attractions
Museums and tour packages

Money back guarantee

Every order of Phuket Travel Pass
Will come with a free money-back guarantee
30 days, which means ordering online
Any 100% refund will be given if you
Change travel plans or travel

You can use PHUKET TRAVEL PASS for 1, 2, 3 or 6 days.
Which means you can choose the duration In the card that matches
The most you can travel For maximum flexibility

You can use PHUKET TRAVEL PASS from the activation date until the last day. Of the length of your card
PHUKET TRAVEL PASS will expire at the end of 1, 2, 3 or 6 days after the card has expired. The card will stop working.
And does not allow you to enter other attractions

PHUKET TRAVEL PASS comes with a handy 60-page guide filled with
Information about each tourist destination, maps and useful information
In English, Chinese, Russian

If you buy a ticket through our website, you will now receive the option of shipping for you before traveling. You can start using the card.
Can be immediately upon arrival in Phuket, the opening hours of all attractions Can be found in the manual and on the website For information during
Travel to download applications To receive all your location information, you can visit the same place only once.
Do not allow repeat transactions.